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Ten years ago in my hometown of Alamosa, Colorado I experienced a similar but slightly different experience with a supervisor I worked for at that time.

I had been employed as a youth worker (clinical counselor) for youngsters that had mental and emotional problems that caused them to behave criminally and act out abnormally. The work was interesting and challenging, but I realized my supervisor was very cold and calculating in his behavior toward me. After about six months, I became disenchanted with my work as I never felt support or positive comments about my clinical work with the children. My supervisor started to appear very distant and detached from me, even taking the body language of a wolf or reptile when I would see him looking at me at my desk. His head down, eyes narrowed and a crouched almost pouncing stance.

One morning I received a phone call from one of his assistants to inform me that I was “no longer needed at work” and not to come in. I found this very strange as I had just completed a superior job evaluation from the main company, and was told I was doing outstanding work with the children. Also, I had never been terminated by telephone before, and found this odd.

I went to the office to gather my possessions, and when I past my former supervisor’s office I noticed the lights were out except for a small slit of sunlight coming in through a venetian blind. I saw him sitting at his desk glaring at me. I walked in and he looked at me and I felt very chilled and cold. His eyes were totally black! I spoke to him and he hissed at me like a snake or gila monster! I felt chilled to the core and literally ran the hell out of there!

I saw this person one time later at a grocery store and he refused to look at me and pulled his hoodie up to cover his face. Weird!

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My first encounter with this being happened when I was about 8 or 9 years of age. I’m 31 now. I used to live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in Shelton, CT with both my parents and my 3 siblings.

I remember it was night time. I went to my bedroom which I shared with my younger sister. As you enter my bedroom the first thing you see is a window.

I remember looking at the window from where I was standing. There was a man with black hair that was floating outside my window. My sister saw this as well.

The being placed his hands on the outside of the window and he had a strange smile with fangs on his face. I heard him say in my head “Let me in” over and over again. My sister and I just stared. We can’t remember what happened after that.

The second encounter that I had with this being was through a dream. I always write my dreams down. This particular dream occurred Tuesday January 9 2007 in the wee morning hours.

I dreamt that my mother and other members of her church were looking and pointing at this strange bird that landed on a tree.

The very large bird opened its wings and spread them wide open. Everyone stood in awe. The bird had large white wings with blue ruffles on the ends.

In this dream I was in a room that was a few stories above the ground. I wanted to see what the commotion was outside so I opened my window.

All of a sudden the creature flew from the tree and came inside my room through the window. He had black hair. He looked human but I knew he was some kind of vampiric creature. I noticed two strange hole markings on his neck.

In my dream I knew he wanted me to come with him. It’s like he wanted me for himself. Like he was trying to seduce me. I woke up soon after that.

The following is the other encounter I had with this being. It happened on Friday, September 9 2007. It happened around 4:45 in the morning.

I had woken up for some unknown reason. I was trying to fall back asleep. All of a sudden I felt like I entered a trance of some sort. I saw myself going to my window. When I looked outside I saw a strange man walking in my driveway. He had black hair and black clothes on. As soon as he saw me he sort of “flew” towards my window and floated there.

He asked me to let him in. I looked over to where my husband was sleeping and then I looked towards the being. I was curious. I opened the window just a tiny crack when he quickly grabbed my hand. I remembered how his hands had long finger nails.
When he grabbed my hand he told me how he had something for me and that he would place it outside in a small jewelry box. He said it was a necklace that had a round and orange colored stoned as the pendant.

All of a sudden the being was in my room. He took his hand and reached down to grab my hand from where I was laying in bed and literally pulled me out of my body!!! I felt strange vibrations all over my body. I saw myself hovering over my body with him. We were both floating in the air.
He was trying to caress me with kisses. We were dancing in this strange place. I knew that he was some kind of dark being. I felt like he was vampirish somehow. He told me that we must dance the dance of death. I can’t remember anything after that.

I don’t know who this being is. I’ve had had other encounters with him but they are just too weird to even describe. Sometimes I feel that it’s my mind playing tricks on me.

I feel so compelled towards him. Like there’s something about him. And the other encounters that I’ve had with him in my dreams he revealed some weird information. When I asked him what he does he answered “I roam. It’s both a blessing and a curse.” He also told me that he’s not going to hurt me. If he wanted to he would have done that long ago.

I know he’s some kind of vampire creature. I don’t know what he wants with me. I cannot shake his eyes. They are all black with no white in them whatsoever! I have been reading a lot about the Black eyed people and how people become terrified of them, like fear overtakes them. I’m not afraid of him. I’m just curious and strangely allured to him. Don’t know why.

And now he comes to me all the time. He just appears in my house. He talks to me in my head. He tells me that it’s time I knew the truth. That it’s time I remember who I am. And then he says that whether I like it or not that I am one of them. What the f—- does he mean by that?

He tries to seduce me all the time. When I’m alone in the house he comes and embraces me from behind, kisses my neck and then plants seductive images in my head. What the hell is going on?

I don’t feel any evil whatsoever coming from him. When he appears or when he talks to me in my head I feel that I’m just seeing things. I try to tell him that I’m not like him and we end up having a conversation about it.

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I have read many accounts of these black eyed kids but i dont think any really come close to what happened to me when i let two into my house. Some people think that if you let them in that the will kill you, obiviously i can say this is not true.

this is what happened, i was sitting in my bedroom at home when i heared a knock on the door, it was not too late so i didnt hesitate opening the door to whoever it was. when i opened it there was two children standing there, both were looking at the floor. “yes ” i said, the taller one asked if they could come in as they were lost and the other boy needed the toilet. I live in an area where it is very easy to get lost, so i just ashumed that they were telling the truth and was looking down because they were shy, even though the one talking, spoke very confidently. so i let them in, the one who needed the tolitet just walked in and straight up the stairs so i shouted up its on the right, i dont know why i didnt find this strange but most toilets are upstairs and as he was young i didnt think anything of it.

i told the other one that the phone was down the hall, “thanks” he said and he started to walk down the hall, i followed him and then i suddenly came over with a really awfull feeling like something bad was going to happen, i became very nervious and a bit shakey i still cant explain how that happened, the boy stopped at the phone and paused, “everythink ok?” i asked, he turned to me and looked up and thats when i saw his eyes, and trust me i will never get that picture out of my head, i was so scared that i couldnt even scream as i turned to run down the hall the other kid was standing at the end.

i became very dizzy and stuggled to stand up, he walk closer to me and said that they had been sent to collect me, i still couldnt bear to look into his face, i pushed away from him and ran into my frontroom and slammed the door shut, i was in so much shock about what was happening i couldnt think straight, this is something that you dont even expect to happen even in movies. after standing against the door for around and hour or so i finaling got the courage to make a run for the back door, so i ran to it and unlocked it, i ran to the back of my garden and jumped over the fence not once looking back.

my friend lived close so i ran to his house, i told him the story and as i guessed he was a bit sceptic about what i had said. i convinced him to come back with me, when we got there we looked around the whole house but couldnt find them. ever since this happened i always have a dream that this kids with the black eyes stand over my bed with there hands streching to me, i hope to god that i never see these again.

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“It was September 2, 2000, and one of the roles as an executive is you sometimes have to put in really late nights. My office was on the fifth floor and it was coming up to 12 in the morning. I was the only employee, as far as I know, on the first five floors apart from Ben, another fellow banker on my floor and Stan, who is a security officer.

I decided after finishing the files I was doing that I was going to go home. I said farewell to Stan, who more or less grunted and took the hall to the elevator. I then pressed the B2 level as the B levels are the car parks. As I’m descending, the elevator flashes that it has been called to floor 2. I thought it was very strange, seeing as I said the only other two people on the first five floors where me, the banker and Stan. Regardless, the elevator stops at floor 2 and in comes a tall man with more or less a black crew-cut.

The first thing i did was open my mouth to ask what sector he was from and who gave him permission, but as I looked into his eyes they where entirely black. The pupils, the retinas everything. I remember not really being spooked about his eyes. To be honest, I just thought he might’ve had a disability in his eyes. As the elevator slowly starts up moving back on route, he asked me where I was going, and I simply replied, “home.” He then asked why, and I more or less laughed and just said I want to go to sleep and see my wife. He then just mummered very softly, like he was talking to himself, “It must be nice to have a home.”

I figured he was just being friendly and that he must be renting. As we got to B1, I realized he hadn’t pushed the button on where he was going, so I asked, “Where are you going?” to which he replied rather angrily looking at me with his creepy eyes, “Nowhere.”

Feeling a little annoyed with his outburst that made zero sense at the time, I was glad to leave when we reached B2. As I walked to my car, which was roughly 10 meters from the lift, I saw that he didn’t get out; in fact, he hardly moved. He just kept staring at me and where I was walking to. Starting to get freaked out that the guy was some warped-out creep, I ran the little distance to my car and turned to see the lift was on a ascent up to floor 6. Feeling a little relieved, I drove up the ramps and coming to the security door I swiped the card and drove out onto the road.

Now the real freaky part. As I drove down the street, all the lights were out – and this is in Sydney (city of NSW). Then I turn… and guess who is walking just ahead of the car – our favorite black-eyed man! No need to say, I sped home, probably breaking five road laws. How could he have left the building and be ahead of me when he had no car, and went up to floor 6?

It gets weirder. On the videotapes and records, there shows no one using the elevator at that time apart from me.”

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I am a 47-year-old woman. The day in question was a normal day for me. I am an apartment manager of over 20 years experience and open my door to strangers every day. Sometimes I don’t like the looks of the people that come to my door to see available apartments, but I will still make myself available to show the ready and empty apartments to rent.

On this day, however, I was not willing to even step out of my office door to show to the very creepy young boy who had knocked at my door. He had come in the early afternoon and knocked on my office door. I opened the door to see who it was. He was young boy of about 17 or 18, approximately. He asked me about an open apartment for rent. I remember feeling very scared and shaken by his appearance. He did not look weird by his dress or such. It was his eyes. I remember feeling the hair on my neck stand up, and I was shaking just from looking in his eyes.

I have never felt like this before in all the years I have done this job. I could not look him straight in the eyes. I felt like I was about to die. My instincts told me this. I noticed he was on a bicycle, not in a vehicle. He was not moving toward me or anything, but he was just waiting for me to invite him in or take him to the empty unit. Now, some people may think that I was just over-reacting or something, but the eyes were completely black – like there was no real pupil. He spoke normally to me, but I had to just shut the door in his face and get as far from him as I could. I felt like I was in extreme danger. Only because of the eyes. I think if I had looked any longer into them, I would have not been able to shut that door.

I shook for hours after that. I called my daughter at work and told her about it. She told me about the “black-eyed kids.” I am still afraid of that image of his eyes. The black-eyed kids are some young kids that try and get people to invite them into their cars or homes,etc. – and the people end up dead.

There were two incidents that occurred in Portland, Oregon here that I heard about. I just tried to look up anything I could about them, but there isn’t a lot of info on them. Just be warned, do not allow any kids with the dark eyes inside your home or vehicles, no matter how young or persistant they are. My daughter, who is a fan of Art Bell, told me about your site. I just felt moved to write my story.


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I was actually on my way to class three weeks ago tuesday and I was just about to leave my house and when I opened the door there was this boy just standing right on my step. He looked maybe 15 or 16 at the most and at first there didnt seem to be anything abnormal about him.

I told him he scared the # out of me and then asked him if there was something I could help him with. He said his car was broken down just up the street (we live in a fairly rural area) and he asked if he could come in the house to use the phone) then he smiled kind of. I said I was running really late and I could call from my cell phone but I really had to leave. At this point he said “No…I HAVE to come in an do it…can I come in your house?”. I started getting nervous because being a 5’1 female home alone…its natural to be weary of strange guys on your step. I noticed the entire surface of his eyes were completely black and I looked into them…or in the general direction of his eyes (it was hard to look straight at them) I felt extremely afraid…my palms actually started to sweat. I said…No, I dont think so…just telll me what street your on and I’ll call a tow truck. He didnt answer after that…he just stood there staring at me which was making me even more afraid so I slammed the door and locked it. I dont know how long he stood outside the door because I was too afraid to look but I waited a good 30 minutes before opening the door again with my phone in my hand so I could call someone if he was still out there, and when I looked out the window he was gone. I RAN to my car jumped in, locked the doors and sped down the driveway just to get away from there . Not once did I look in my rear view mirror until I was a good 5 miles away from home…I dont know why.

Seriously…it was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life…if I ever see one ever again I’ll probably have some sort of fear induced heart attack